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Hiking in Scena/Schenna: a varied delight

Our best hiking tips

While hiking in Scena/Schenna, guests of our hotels near Merano/Meran enjoy varied, top-class nature experiences. Scena/Schenna and its surroundings offer a well-developed network of hiking trails. From leisurely walks to challenging summit tours, there issomething for every taste and fitness level.

Follow the idyllic irrigation channels paths, hike from Scena/Schenna to a rustic Alpine hut, or join us on a challenging summit tour. Hiking in Scena/Schenna leaves nothing to be desired.

Take a deep breath of the pure mountain air during your hiking holiday in Scena/Schenna, feel the warm sun on your skin and enjoy this feeling of freedom and ease. In our hiking Hotel Eschenlohe and Alpin in Scena/Schenna, we offer our guests guided hikes in a friendly atmosphere. We are also happy to help you with the organisation of your individual hikes or give you tips for a stopover.

Hiking in Scena/Schenna and surroundings: cable cars, mountain railways, chair lifts

The cable cars in Scena/Schenna, Hirzer, Taser, and Verdins-Tall, and the chair lift Oberkirn-Grube operate from the end of March to the beginning of November and offer a comfortable ascent while hiking in Scena/Schenna. At the end of April, all other lifts in the area, such as the Merano/Meran 2000 gondola and the Falzeben-Merano/Meran 2000 cable car, will open.

Hiking in Scena/Schenna on the Maia/Mais waalweg trail

This 1.5-hour hike to Saltaus starts in the village centre of Scena/Schenna and leads down the Rothaler trail no. 10B to the Maia/Mais trail. Here, turn right and walk to the Waalerhaus. The mostly flat and partly shady path leads to the Hirzer cable car near Saltaus. For the way back, we recommend a bus ride or a walk along the Riffiano/Riffianer trail back to Scena/Schenna.

Hiking from Scena/Schenna to Tirolo/Dorf Tirol

This easy 1.5-hour hike takes you from Scena/Schenna to Tirolo/Dorf Tirol. Follow the Riffiano/Riffian trail no. 1 into the valley until you reach the Maia/Mais trail along the ancient irrigation channel. Take the Passiria/Passer trail to the other side of the valley. Here, turn left and shortly follow the Bacher river on trail no. 30. Then turn right and follow trail no 5A until you reach Tirolo/Dorf Tirol. Take the bus back to your starting point in Scena/Schenna.

Hiking from Klammeben to the Gompm Alm in the Hirzer region

This hike takes you right into the heart of the idyllic Hirzer region. Drive from Scena/Schenna to Val Passiria/Passeiertal until you reach Saltaus and the valley station. Take the cable car up to Klammeben at 1,985 metres. Here, follow the trail no. 40 to the Hirzer hut and trail no. 5B to the Gompm Alm.

Summit tour to Ivigna/Ifinger

You should plan a good 4 hours if you want to climb the Ivigna/Ifinger. Start of the tour is in Falzeben in Avelengo/Hafling. Here, take the Ivigna/Ifinger cable car up to Piffinger Köpfl at 1,900 metres above sea level. Follow path no. 3 slightly uphill towards Giogo Missenstein/Missensteinjoch. Above the Waidmannalm the path divides and you follow the wide path no. 19A up to the Forcella San’t Osvaldo/Oswaldscharte and on to the Kuhleiten inn. Continue in the direction of Piccolo Ivigna/ Kleiner Ifinger on trail no. 19. The via ferrata begins approx. 50 m below the summit. From here, you can climb the summit of the GrandeIvigna/Großer Ifinger according to your wishes, fitness, and surefootedness.