Your hotel with a Sky Lounge

Pure relaxation beneath the sky

A real highlight of our hotel near Merano/Meran is the Sky Lounge. Tucked into the stylish grounds of the Boutique Hotel Eschenlohe in Scena/Schenna, you will find a small kingdom to relax beneath the sky. In the Sky Lounge of the hotel, you can read as you please, let your thoughts run free, make new holiday plans, or just doze off. Let your gaze wander over the picturesque Mediterranean landscape, with its vineyards, rolling hills, and sky-high mountains.

Find a cosy place and make yourself comfortable … Thanks to the mild climate in Merano and Environs, the Sky Lounge of our hotel in Scena/Schenna is also a popular meeting place on warm summer evenings. Enjoy the special atmosphere of the hotel’s Sky Lounge at sunset and treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail or a fine glass of wine under the starry sky and in front of the sea of lights of the spa town of Merano/Meran.